Philtam Corporation is an established and award-winning business formed over 20 years ago to provide expert database security and management consulting.  Our database administrators have a proven track record of preventing and solving problems in the public and private industry sectors.

Our services include database administration and consulting expertise for Oracle databases.  Philtam has been working with Oracle since version 5 and has continued to provide business solutions with all successive versions up to and including version 12c on Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP, Unix, Windows servers, mainframe, and VAX VMS platforms.  We have a wealth of experience in project management, business analysis, database architecture and development.  In particular, we have significant experience providing consulting services for IFS (ERP) including new installations, upgrades and data migration.


Database Management

Our Certified Oracle Professional DBAs have experience performing database management on Linux (Oracle and Red Hat), HP UNIX, Solaris, AIX and Microsoft Server.

Database Security

Our expert consultants review databases and provide detailed reports that clearly indicate breach-vulnerable areas to address problems quickly and efficiently. We know that your corporate assets merit the added protection of an expert database security review.

Database Tuning

We offer expert tuning on Oracle databases with and without partitioning, single instance, and with Real Application Clusters.

Database Partitioning

We offer partitioning for performance and data management through truncation and dropped partitions. This includes 11g and 12c of Oracle.

Database Backup & Recovery

You have taken the time to save valuable data in a database and now depend on it for your business. At Philtam, we realize the importance of your data and take this job very seriously.

Database Disaster Recovery

We at Philtam Corporation can help you plan and implement a disaster recovery plan for your company’s Oracle databases to seamlessly continue in the event of a crisis.

IFS Services

We have proven experience supporting IFS with migrations and technical support. We know what is needed to get the data from your existing application and into an IFS database.

Oracle Security

At Philtam Corporation, we have been performing security reviews for our clients for years. Our expertise has helped secure classified government databases and corporate databases with proprietary data.

Additional Services

We have extensive experience in database administration and security, partitioning, tuning, emergency database services.